So In Style Barbie by Mattel

Stacey-McBride-Irby via

Stacey McBride-Irby via

Longtime doll maker Mattel releases a new collection of African American Barbies called So In Style or S.I.S., for short. What a sassy, hip, and cute name for young girls.

I think that my cousins and I had a singing group that went by some sort of initals – I want to say C.I.C., which loosely translates to Cuties In Charge…lol. You know you had a group too, but I digress…

Apparently, this is Mattel’s first time in history doing such a thing, I do recall having Black Barbies as a young girl, but I guess there was never a “collection” just for us.

The new dolls are best friends Grace, Kara and Trichelle. They will also be joined by their younger sisters Kianna, Jenesa, and Courtney.

S.I.S. is said to feature a more authentic African-American look including facial features as fuller lips, a wider nose, curly hair and distinctive cheek bones.

The line is designed by longtime Mattel designer Stacey McBride-Irby, who is also African-American and has a five-year-old daughter. I’m sure that’s where she gets her inspiration.

Go girl!

The So In Style Collection should be hitting Target this month!

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LIFE photo archive

This is my latest obsession & one of the greatest elements of these internetsssss.

This morning I decided to look up pictures of ethnic beauty in the google LIFE photo archive and had great results! Check the photos below.

Model Naomi Sims covers LIFE Magazine 10/17/69

Model Naomi Sims covers LIFE Magazine 10/17/69

Model Naomi Campbell covers TIME Magazine Europe 9/18/1991

Model Naomi Campbell covers TIME Magazine Europe 9/18/91

Is is just me, or is this a splitting image of Beyonce – inspiration?

Model Liya Kebede covers TIME Magazine 9/9/03

Model Liya Kebede covers TIME Magazine 9/9/03

Of course I cannot leave Liya out!



Donyale Luna - first Black 'Cover Girl'

Donyale Luna - first Black 'Cover Girl'

Roshumba Williams and Beverly Johnson

Roshumba Williams and Beverly Johnson

Those are just some of my favorites from today…check out the archives at



Red Doll by Tatyana Merenyuk

Nowadays, it’s such a grueling task to find beautiful dresses that are classic, yet stylish with a bit of retro-chic. As I zipped through my blog readings for the day I came across a local designer by the name of Tatyana Merenyuk, and I must say I was very impressed! 

The fabrics, the designs, very one-of-a-kind dresses were so appealing to me – nothing beats girly & flirty! How cute is that for a great night on the town with the girls or heading out to dinner with your honey?!?

I love, love, love discovering emerging designers, especially when they are local. 

Please check her designs out – the dresses are made to order which was also a PLUS! Nothing like a dress that fits you perfectly, as we are all shaped differently and the mass manufactured dresses can sometimes just be a paaaain!

 I’m deciding on a few as I type!!

 Go Tatyana…we will speak soon!

Please check her out at